The social media algorithm – Artists on social media

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The social media algorithm – Artists on social media

Social media marketers have a checklist they tick in order to reach potential buyers. This check list is The Social Media Algorithm.

What is the social media algorithm?

Algorithm /ˈalɡərɪð(ə)m/

a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

Oxford Dictionary

Social media is not the only set of platforms that uses an algorithm. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing use the same set of rules which need to be ticked. On a very basic level, the algorithm dictates who sees your content. This ranges from the number of likes an instagram post gets to the correct hierarchy of html tags inside the files of a theme on wordpress. The list is long and complicated.

Funnily enough, the number of people that engage with your content is influenced by the number of people that have engaged with your content. It’s a vicious circle. In order to break away from this vicious circle you must understand the algorithm. There’s multiple ways you can use the social media algorithm to your advantage.

So…. why can’t real artists grow an audience?

The point of the article is to provide a reason for why real artists can’t grow a following as easily as an influencer or brand. The reason is very simple: real artists are not fake.

In order to be able to rank your website on google or make your post viral; a marketer needs to create a “voice” that will tick all the boxes of the checklist. Furthermore, the “voice” that is created needs to relate to an audience that consumes.

One of the main ways that search consoles identify relevant content is through engagement. Have you ever wondered why your instagram engagement doesn’t ever seem to just go viral? The main reason is because Instagram uses engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares, etc) in order to push forward their users’ posts. It’s the vicious circle all over again!

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We’ve had a quick look around at what has to suggest in order to boost Instagram engagement on instagram. Really good advice is offered about using stories to ask questions and other tricks like that. On the other hand, here at EscapeArt Magazine we strongly believe that art has difficulties becoming engaging whilst also remaining true to itself. If good art is art that communicates then, the longer people communicate with it, the better the art is. Unfortunately, in today’s world attention span is very short. People (on social media especially) are always on the lookout for the next shot of dopamine. We don’t want to feel sad or empty and therefore we consume as much color and bold text as we can.

Is there a way of beating marketing as an artist? The instagram algorithm? Facebook? Google?

Art is not there to be consumed – even though many artists nowadays try to beat the social media algorithm by blending in and creating content that is viral. The secret is to go viral by being unique in order to be able to break the algorithm and still remain true to yourself. escapewithart

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