The Sculpture Park – Cyprus Sculpture Symposium

The Sculpture Park in Cyprus - Ayia Napa Municipality Sculpture Synopsium
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The Sculpture Park – Cyprus Sculpture Symposium

We’ve had the wonderful pleasure to visit Ayia Napa Sculpture Park in Cyprus; an open air museum inagurated in order to add to the touristic landscape of Cyprus.

Entrance at Ayia Napa Internation Sculpture Park, Cyprus

The 5th Symposium in a row

The year 2019 sees a continuation of the ongoing editions of the sculpture park in Ayia Napa. Artists from all over the world join together during each winter of the year in the creation of sculptures by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The Sculpture Park presents different styles of sculptures which the public can see for free as they pass through the beautiful country of Cyprus.

The Sculpture Park covers an area of over 20 000 squared meters sloping down towards the beach through a rocky terrain which creates a beautiful environment to take in the variety of sculptures created in Cypriot limestone, metal, ceramic or brass. The most interesting is that the artists create their artwork on site – which means that during winter and autumn a visitor of the park can usually find sculptors at work.

If you ever find yourself near Ayia Napa we highly recommend visiting the Sculpture Park in the beautiful light of the golden hour, when the white of the sculptures starts reflecting a vibrant shade of orange contrasted by the turquoise colour of the sea.

Furthermore, they are accepting participation from artists anywhere in the world. If you are interested in participating by scupting a piece on-site please visit their website below. They require a CV of past work and specifications of the material that will be required for you to create an artwork.

A list of artists and gallery of scuptures can be found at
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