escapewithart – the # project

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escapewithart – the # project

Here’s a brief introduction to a new project we are putting together under the hashtag escapewithart . This initiative aims to connect people all over the world and create an ever increasing heat map of creatives that wish to break away from the constraints of the world. It is meant to fuel what we like to call escape art.

What is #escapewithart ?

“escapewithart” is you. But not the person you try to be in everyday life. It’s an inner beast longing to consume. You try to feed it alcohol. Or cigarettes. Or perhaps connection with someone you love.

You might feel it at night. You might feel it when you drive. Or when you find yourself in circumstances you never planned, expected or knew exist.

That’s why you are here. Circumstance. We found each other. It’s now your turn to find someone else. I invite you to escape with art. I don’t know where we are going yet, but I know that we owe it to ourselves to do it:

Step 1 – Creating the escape art heatmap

Whenever I will travel to a new place I will leave the #escapewithart mark. I might write it on a note and leave it in a book in the library. A graffiti artist might find the note and go on to spray the hashtag on the street walls in Berlin. Escape art is a chain reaction that depends on us to happen.

I’m currently using all the tricks of the trade to make this article appear in google searches. I invite you to contribute in the creation of this network with art. We all are artists in a way. Let’s use our talents to spread this creative virus around the world.


Are you in Manchester? London? America? Perhaps somewhere in Asia? It’s up to you to start the phenomenon in your area.

Step 2 – The escape art hunt!

If you leave your mark in a place, use social media to encourage people in your surroundings to find it. Use the hashtag #escapewithart on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, wherever you’d like! Let’s take over art galleries and make art on the streets.

Would you like to be behind the scenes of EscapeArt Magazine? Write to us here!

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