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The Sculpture Park in Cyprus - Ayia Napa Municipality Sculpture Synopsium
Posted on: May 6, 2019 Posted by: David Aparu Comments: 0

The Sculpture Park – Cyprus Sculpture Symposium

We’ve had the wonderful pleasure to visit Ayia Napa Sculpture Park in Cyprus; an open air museum inagurated in order to add to the touristic landscape of Cyprus. The 5th Symposium in a row The year 2019 sees a continuation of the ongoing editions of the sculpture park in Ayia …

Posted on: April 27, 2019 Posted by: David Aparu Comments: 1

Inside the Mind of Xavier Ott

Xavier Ott is a “surreal graffiti artist”. In the first issue of our magazine we had a look at his work and his thoughts on the topic of what makes art good. We had the pleasure to talk to him regarding his latest project: something he calls the infinite fresco. …