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Irena Tone Artist
Posted on: June 29, 2020 Posted by: Leysan Sayfullina Comments: 0

Irena Tone – How to Make Beautiful Not Boring

Sculpture, figurative painting, abstraction – all of this is being created by a young Israeli artist Irina Antonyuk (creative pseudonym is Irena Tone), who currently lives and works in Kyiv with her husband, sculptor Ros Kozhman.  The art of Irena Tone Irena is often looking for new forms and ways to get her …

Italian painter Chiara Magni
Posted on: June 3, 2020 Posted by: Shirko Abid Comments: 0

Chiara Magni Italian Artist Interview

At EscapeArt Magazine we were grateful to be joined by artist Chiara Magni for our first podcast episode (coming soon) where we explored her story making her passion for art into her full-time occupation. The self-realisation she experienced proved to be an important foundation for any artist with a similar …

secrets from an art dealer in los angeles
Posted on: February 15, 2020 Posted by: David Aparu Comments: 0

The Art Market 2020 – conversation with an art dealer

The art market nowadays is a very treacherous field to navigate. Trends are showing that currently there are too many artists and too little buyers interested in their work. This is especially true in the art market in 2020. Why don’t artists like the current art market? The art industry …

Katie Lee Manchester Art Exhibition
Posted on: February 9, 2020 Posted by: Shirko Abid Comments: 0

Katie Lee art – Exhibition in Manchester, UK

Katie Lee recently hosted a small-scale art exhibition at LEAF in Manchester. On the 7th of February 2020 we were invited to attend an event she hosted called “Space Punk Art Show”; a title which perfectly characterises her unique style and vision. Going by her moniker of The Social Butterfly …

Posted on: April 27, 2019 Posted by: David Aparu Comments: 1

Inside the Mind of Xavier Ott

Xavier Ott is a “surreal graffiti artist”. In the first issue of our magazine we had a look at his work and his thoughts on the topic of what makes art good. We had the pleasure to talk to him regarding his latest project: something he calls the infinite fresco. …