Balkan Art Scene – Interview with Hana Tiro

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Balkan Art Scene – Interview with Hana Tiro

What is BAS and how did it come to be? What’s the journey of the project and the drive that made this project need to be born.

Idea was established approximately six years ago, but just last year in November 2020 got its way into the world. Generally, media is filled with blitz news and information which aim for masses, and often creatives struggle to find audience through digital and print media. That’s how the idea for Balkan Art Scene started. This journey meant investing a lot of energy and in return, even the first couple of months, I got a huge support. Without all the people (translators, journalists, writers) who supported Balkan Art Scene, I think we would move a lot slower. They say groups move slower than individuals, but I say otherwise!

As a follow up to the initial question; what do you aim to achieve?

I aim to create a digital space where artists from Balkan can share their work, and show off their latest projects, network with each other, discuss collaborations… Balkan Art Scene started as a website, but it developed into a community, a platform for artists. In current development are YouTube channel, and possibly a digital magazine, so there is even more space for up-and-coming artists to show their work. We also have a community on Facebook, where we share open calls, papers, projects, journals…

Balkan Art Scene Hana Tiro

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your own personal involvement in the project. Do you find that the way that the project is going is reflective of your beliefs and own journey?

Before BAS, I founded several different projects and communities, so having practice helped me maintain the situation on the correct track. And the track is to stay open for different opportunities. As much as it sounds easy, the hardest thing is life is to keep the doors open. Our own doors, I mean. And did Balkan Art Scene affect me personally? Yes, most certainly it did. While connecting with many creative energies, Balkan Art Scene taught me that life is worth living with an open heart. Art and love conquer all.

Hana Tiro – Balkan Art Scene ↗
Photographaphy by Zlata Hodžić

I imagine you are exposed to a lot of artwork every day. How do you pick what gets featured and what doesn’t? Do you have a curation process? What makes art good enough?

There is a difference between my personal comment on certain art works, and editor’s process. I’ll answer this question as an editor. Balkan Art Scene is open network. It’s important for artwork to make us think or feel. Both is best, art is there to provoke. Second way I curate the featured content is by the quality of the backbone story. I strongly dislike aimless and superficial projects. There must be a good point for creating art work.

Tell us a little bit of the people you collaborated with. What did they have to say? Are there any patterns that emerge as needs/desires/successes?

There were many collaborations, and each individual had different perspective on art, and different ways to make their way into the public spheres. Most of them wanted space for their arts more than themselves. Understanding this means knowing a difference between how to support the art, the artists, or both at the same time. There must be a way to create a free and safe space for talking about creative work, and Balkan Art Scene is working exactly on that.

How did the pandemic influence failure and/or success in the artistic projects you’ve contacted/featured?

Pandemic made us all focus on our digital lives a lot more, so it was a favorable position. On the other hand, globally we also gravitated towards paranoia and such energies, so through art we had to fight against that. All in all, we’ll see where this digital era can lead us.

What does the future hold for BAS?

I have no idea. Fortune telling is not my stronger suit. Investing time and energy in Balkan Art Scene tought me to keep my eyes open for different opportunities and collaborations. Currently, I’m creating a plan for 2022 to develop YouTube channel and digital magazine. These are huge steps, so I’ll need a lot of support and a lot of focus. We’ll see what might come out of this.

EscapeArt Magazine is a movement that focuses on the need for artistic escape. We feel that art can be multiple things but we focus on the art that helps people escape. How does the Balkan Art Scene escape?

The whole community is escaping, every single day of our lives. Group escapism, odd but real. All of the people who are following Balkan Art Scene seem to show their need to escape the everyday life. Not the everyday clichés but the uncertainties and pains which ordinary everyday moments bring. Art is safe and open and free and beautiful.

How does Balkan art differ from art from around the world? Is there anything specific in the heart of the Balkan Art Scene?

We are creating a current from the fact that we are Balkan bones, Balkan blood, Balkan flesh. Balkan is strong, it’s powerful, we have to get to that. We have diverse roots, every nation has a rich cultural background. We are filled with beautiful legends and myths, songs our ancestors sang, and we developed our own Balkan voices and motifs. This is our biggest power, and I believe in it.

How can people reach out to you and what would be the process to get involved in the Balkan Art Scene?

Reach out through Instagram account (@balkanartscene) or contact form on website or even email All you need to do is contact me with your wishes and plans, and we’ll easily keep moving. Balkan Art Scene works for the artists themselves, so be sure you won’t be missing opportunities here.

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