Art Exhibition in Belfast – “On Refusal” at The MAC

the mac art center in belfast- on refusal
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Art Exhibition in Belfast – “On Refusal” at The MAC

I’ve recently been to Belfast in Northern Ireland on a work related trip. I really wished to see an art exhibition in Belfast. The city breathed with art. The architecture, the graffiti, the botanical gardens and the people all seemed to live in a creative bubble while I was walking around in the windy rain.

Belfast Graffiti Art

I remembered a friend actually recommended an art exhibition in Belfast which can currently be found in the art center known as the MAC. I quickly got there and entered the multi-floored art gallery. “On refusal” is a modern art exhibition which protests tradition put together by an american collective of artists. The art created is a consequence of Donald Trump’s rise to power and the suppression of open-mindness. The exhibition included art that ranged from traditional paintings to installations of TVs which created music.

On refusal – art exhibition in Belfast at The MAC

All in all, the art exhibition was quite small, but it showed enough. It showed that the people in America are going against the traditional format that seems to be forced down our throats. It went against conformity and the suppression of people’s voice. America is the country of freedom. Unfortunately the current situation seems to discourage manifestation of privilege and political volcanoes seem to erupt everywhere in the world.

Art Exhibition in Belfast - The Mac

Life imitates art

And yet, it seems art always finds a way to escape. No matter the medium, the work which is part of the art exhibition in Belfast seems to come together. Furthermore, the people inside the gallery were pieces of escapist art themselves. The clothes people wore were flamboyant and they were more than willing to start a friendly conversation and help each other. Even though the world is in political turmoil at the moment, artists and art lovers stay true to the nature of the world.

We need to manifest and create today more than ever. Would you like to contribute to the refusal of suppression? Submit an article!

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